About the Conference

About the Conference

The Chartered Accountancy profession in its multifaceted avatar, on one hand is working with Government and Institutions to anchor Governance for Sustainability and on the other hand acting as catalyst to business growth by adding elements of credence and trust to financial reporting through wider involvement of its members.          

The Chartered Accountancy profession in its perpetual quest for excellence brainstorms continually to expand its horizon for development, progress and in turn excellence. It is in this context, the theme of the International Conference conceptualized as Jnana Yajna – The Quest for Excellence becomes relevant as Knowledge & Skill while bringing dexterity and when complied with professional ethics; leads the profession to all round excellence. It is the Journey to explore new thoughts, moving from unknown to known, delve upon subjects having great impact on our profession, our society and related stakeholders. Jnana Yajna – is our Sojourn to enrich ourselves with new knowledge, thoughts, perspectives for leaping ahead with dexterity to thrive in the ever evolving work place. The International Conference will deliberate on emerging regulatory and market trends to develop new ideas and thoughts for advancing financial reporting, standards setting and innovate new business models for Governance led growth and have an empathisation learning from cross section of resources who will address at the International Conference.              

It is our Quest for Excellence, for knowledge that will transform Accountancy professionals from financial expert to Strategic thought and action leaders.

The ICAI is hosting the Confederation of Asia Pacific of Accountants, a regional accountancy body in Asia Pacific representing Accountants from 23 Jurisdictions, meeting in Hyderabad coinciding with the International Conference on 20 – 21 October, 2016 which are primarily closed group meetings of this International forum. The International Conference immediately thereafter on 22 – 23 October, 2016,   will be benefitted from the presence of luminaries of Accountancy Profession from 23 Jurisdictions when they finish off their interaction on previous day. The International Conference in essence push for fusion of best practices and knowledge to ponder  upon newer perspectives and thought processes in the field of Accountancy and empower the profession to shine in the Changing Globalized Workplace.

The ICAI’s annual International Conference is the virtual Idea lab for propounding new thought leadership in areas at intersection between Governance, Standards Setting, Financial Reporting, Regulatory/Societal expectations, technological evolutions to augment growth for meeting aspirations of society at large. The instant International Conference would be an apt platform for ideas exchange and interactive dialogues amongst the global and local accounting fraternity for espousing Public Interest. The International Conference will be “Window to Future” to acclimatize the accounting fraternity to demands of a market driven economy; while being the Trustee of Public Interest and is a “must attend” for all who wish to create a mark for them in times of change. 

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